Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your God is Dead and No One Cares

I denounced my faith when I was still in grade school, and the more I learn about history and the origins of religion the more I know God is not real and the more educated I feel. I really enjoy movies that discuss, with prof, the history of religion or the bible. Like "Who Wrote the Bible on the History Channel", "The Seven Deadly Sins", " Zeitgeist". Not just because they denounced faith, but because learning ones history and the history of somethings origin has always been an interest of mine no mater the subject. I have always felt, even before the God issues, that you must know why you do something other whys, why do it? When  my mother would tell me, "you need to do this." "why?" " because I said so?" "why do you do it?" "you just do!" "why?" I could never understand why you would do something if you don't even know why you do it? Who said I had to do anything? Why would I have to do what someone else says, you don't know me? No one tells me what to do, I figure it out for my self and I'll let you know! To know something is to know what it is, where it came from, why is was invented or created, who used it for what purpose and how does it protein to us today. This is applied to anything, art, science, history, phycology, fashion, music, computers, and so on. It is nothing short of ignorant to know want to know or not know why you do something. 

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