Monday, July 12, 2010

Messing Around

Tank Girl always makes me get creative and want to dig through my closet and try to find something to mess with. So I did. I had previously take a large red and black faux fur jacket and turned it into a vest and then I toke those sleeves and put them on a denim jacket my old roommate gave me. And it turned out as thus.
I think ill take off the buttons. I safety pinned them on so that I could take off the sleeves and have a vest when I wanted. Then I stole and idea I saw from someone else and kinda copied it. 

I'm a little thief. :) 


  1. Hey dude! Do you mind linking our blog if you're going to use our image?! haha! Cheers buddy :) xoxo

    PS. We know even though you commented, you probably didn't want to be included in the random draw so that's cool we won't include.

  2. Ya I didnt know that yall made that shirt I thought it was just a photo of someone yall saw. But its not like people see this blog anyway :/