Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art Meats Art

Found these images, it looks like Cy Twombly went ape shit on this girl. I love them, crazy shit like this makes me want to go color all my cloths. 

I'm not usually into abstract work but Cy Twombly is God, I love his energy and violence towards his work. If you see his work in real life, for starters they are HUGE! They are colorful and even though they are bigger the wall sized they are always balanced color whys and have great flow. Fucking brilliant don't think anyone in the wold could do it like he does.  The best Cy Twombly's are non circulating in a Houston gallery, they are the best and biggest ones I have seen and they are fantastic. But of corse I don't have images of them.......... stupid private collection. I don't know anyone (in the art world, coz if your not in the art world and you try to talk about art I'm not going to listen) who does not like him. He had a retrospective in my schools gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago last year and it was great! One of the best things about his work is the color (coz thats all painting really is) but anyway the use of color and combinations with other color is brilliant I don't understand how he can work that big, make it feel so impulsive and still have it work as a painting, AND keep going and not feel like he is just making the same piece over and over again. 

Damn you Cy Twombly!!!

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