Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make that shit shine

Today I decided to start experimenting with some stuff I messed around with in the past but push it a little farther.

This is an example if wood burnings I had done in 
the past, I decided to take scrap wood I had and burn the shit out of it with my blow torch. The point being that the piece was consist of the sublet changes in the wood its self as a drawing or painting. The destruction of the piece is also part of its making. It is created by destruction, beauty from chaos, fire and hate. Burning something until it is black it hate, and violence and force.  Something I am interested in integrating into my work. 

These are some larger pieces I did last year which were based off smaller ones I had done the year before, which were based off drawings I had done the year before. I work from my self a lot. I take work and tuck it away until I am ready to use it. Keep it in my arsenal until its time. 

The main objective of this is to work with the limits and possibilities of this material. Wood is very interesting to me, within its grain there are whole worlds and images that I find fascinating, and it makes me almost want to NOT do anything to it. I am also going to combine materials with the wood to play off each other. like with Jannis Kounellis  pieces, her work has really inspired me lately. Its so simple but yet so complicated, she lets the materials speak, and they has a lot of voice. They are beautiful and raw and because of what they are made of out and how that is made the way they are handled is delicate and makes them feel like something  precious that is being taken care of. 

This is what I came up with thus far. 

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