Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apparently Junk Makes Art?

Artist James Castle 

Even though I have always been a fan of trash art, art that takes something that is considered trash or junk and transforms it into art. But lately I have been seeing a lot of art that is just trash...... that it....... not put in any context or glorified but just it it self.

 Artist Peter Bonde, Jason Rhoades

 So one has to think, well this is considered art, and it is in a gallery so maybe there is something to this I am not getting. So lets break it down, there is trash all over the place, people produce a lot of waist and more so Americans, we glorify things that are useless and worthless and then are turned into trash only moments after. We are trash? Are obsession with consuming is worthless? But really Contemporary art daily? This is art I find that hard to believe. I really do, I want an explanation about how this crap is art!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuck You Jeff Koons!

You are a bastered that blatantly makes fun of the art world, the people who go see your art and artist. I hate you SOOOOOO MUUUCHCHHHHH!!!!!!!

Fixed It!

I toke of the sleeves for now and studded the back. Much cooler 

Really Guys? Really?

Artist Rivane Neuenschwander...... really? This is art? If this is art I'm going to get pissed. I cant believe some of the shit that passes for art some times. God I really cant stand this any more I just want to run it and destroy it all, this is a joke and I am not having it any more. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Would You Love Me Any Less If I Hurt You Any More?

After Listening to Jack off Jill last night I always am inspired to make art that is about fucked up shit.... especially after Girls Scouts I want to make paintings about fucked up Girl Scouts as metaphors for how we control and militarize these children. I want to paint them tied up bondage style in a really creepy manner. So I think I will.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I have been Searching For!

I found this amazing book in of all places, Urban Outfitters, I didnt feel like they deserved it so I stole it :) it is my new favorite book! I have been looking all over for a book or sources of images that shows the kind of jewelry I am interested in making. Big, crazy, fashion, strange, jewelry and I finally found it. 

these are all electrical cords, some thing I did but these are better


I love these, just grab random crap and turn it into a necklace thats my philosophy
umm leather, hand done, so good 

Do to this full of inspiration I wiped up some stuff 

STUFF! starting on the left, hand sew jewel and pearl leather piece, blue feather and safety pin necklace, silk cord and chain, red bamboo, chain and stone, silk cord, chain and black stone, red bamboo, chain and red buttons.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

Maybe  a little too fast? 

I remember being a kid in elementary and not even giving a shit about what I put on in the day, Nor did I care about what other people wore. It wasn't about judging it was about being a kid and discovering the world, having fun and exploring. What is life to these kids? Its about caring wither or not they look good? Can you imagine caring about that as a 7 year old or younger? I can imagine these children don't have fun, how could they? It would get their close dirty, they would upset their parents. What would their friends think? I was watching a show on a 10 year old who was anorexic. When I was 10 I was in 4th grade and all I cared about was candy and playing with my friends. The times when a kid can be a kid is gone. And what are the phycological implications of this? We will just have to wait and see how damage they are. 
Or will they be? I think there is a definite difference between growing up fast and caring about adult issues like self esteem, and looks. 

baby wig

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I like this Louis Vuitton story display cos its like, hey look I really did make them into objects!


This is an American Apparel ad I just found.....WTF really did the woman's rights movement even happen or was it all an elaborate hoax? 

This Might Be It.

So this afternoon I have a meeting with the owner of a tattoo shop called Royal Flesh. I had stopped by a couple of weeks ago to check out the place and saw that they sold local artist jewelry and art. So I stopped by the next day to see if they wanted some of my work. I ended up not checking the owner and showing it to some employes instead who loved them. So I came back today to show the owner some more stuff, he deiced to show my work and even give me a hole case to my self. I am not only responsible for displaying my work, but rearranging the other body jewelry they have on display. SOOOOOOO tomorrow I go back to set up my case. Right now I am looking up some displays to give me some ideas, something cheep coz I has no money.  These guys are super awesome and nice and are more then willing to show off local artist work and support the community. You can tell its not just about the money for these people. Next month they will be trowing a part and I might get some models together to show off some stuff.

Monday, July 19, 2010

For real real?

I often ask my self, wait is this really art? Or am I just not getting it? Coz if I don't and I pay thousands of dollars to.... then we have our selfs a problem....

There is a big problem in the art world with being able to shit talk your way into a gallery or into anything in the art world. See there is a major flaw in the system and that is, anything can be argued as art. So many people make shit and call it art, make up this huge crazy story about it that is total BS and then get the admiration of their peers. Iv seen this shit done and I call it out, I call it CRAP! 


This piece will be going to Canada soon. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art Meats Art

Found these images, it looks like Cy Twombly went ape shit on this girl. I love them, crazy shit like this makes me want to go color all my cloths. 

I'm not usually into abstract work but Cy Twombly is God, I love his energy and violence towards his work. If you see his work in real life, for starters they are HUGE! They are colorful and even though they are bigger the wall sized they are always balanced color whys and have great flow. Fucking brilliant don't think anyone in the wold could do it like he does.  The best Cy Twombly's are non circulating in a Houston gallery, they are the best and biggest ones I have seen and they are fantastic. But of corse I don't have images of them.......... stupid private collection. I don't know anyone (in the art world, coz if your not in the art world and you try to talk about art I'm not going to listen) who does not like him. He had a retrospective in my schools gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago last year and it was great! One of the best things about his work is the color (coz thats all painting really is) but anyway the use of color and combinations with other color is brilliant I don't understand how he can work that big, make it feel so impulsive and still have it work as a painting, AND keep going and not feel like he is just making the same piece over and over again. 

Damn you Cy Twombly!!!