Monday, July 26, 2010

What I have been Searching For!

I found this amazing book in of all places, Urban Outfitters, I didnt feel like they deserved it so I stole it :) it is my new favorite book! I have been looking all over for a book or sources of images that shows the kind of jewelry I am interested in making. Big, crazy, fashion, strange, jewelry and I finally found it. 

these are all electrical cords, some thing I did but these are better


I love these, just grab random crap and turn it into a necklace thats my philosophy
umm leather, hand done, so good 

Do to this full of inspiration I wiped up some stuff 

STUFF! starting on the left, hand sew jewel and pearl leather piece, blue feather and safety pin necklace, silk cord and chain, red bamboo, chain and stone, silk cord, chain and black stone, red bamboo, chain and red buttons.

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