Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuck You Jeff Koons!

You are a bastered that blatantly makes fun of the art world, the people who go see your art and artist. I hate you SOOOOOO MUUUCHCHHHHH!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, so artists can make fun of every other aspect of society, but not the art world?

    You sound very jealous and insecure.

    Warhol was always making fun of the art world do you feel the same about Andy?

  2. haha jealous? you obviously don't know a lot about art or me, especially me, so don't try to insult me it will not work. I always find it amusing when people just judge me, or anyone on blog, based off of one post it just tells me that this person is ignorant, (and anonymous! so they must not be very secure with them selves to even make a post showing a real name or blog of their own, which is extra funny that you said I am the insecure one, at any rate. I know quite a bit about Jeff, art and mocking it, and if you where smart enough to look at my other posts you would see that I my self make fun of the art world. But you are obviously too lazy, stupid or just plain pathetic to even attempt at looking beyond one little post on someones little blog.

    Of course artist can do what ever they want but unless you are in the art world, work in the art world, are supported by the art world, you really cannot understand. Not that that is against anyone who is not, its just like someone making fun of something you dedicate your life to, do everyday, put your hole heart and soul into, give everything you have to this one thing and some jack ass comes along and makes money by mocking it.