Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lets Talk

I might as well talk about something I am passionate about. Currently in the middle of limbo, trying to figure out what direction I want to take in my art, I have done photography, fashion, painting and drawing, metal working, and some sculpture. The problem is which one to choose? If any? Next semester I will be given a studio as part of the Advanced Painting and drawing program. Yeah me, but what to make? I toke a summer class where I got a studio as well and the biggest problem with classes that are open to the students creating what ever they want, is what do you make and why? WHY WHY WHY WHY the biggest question any art asks. When in a jam I always start by breaking down something that I am trying to accomplish in my work and go from there. 

Not just a pretty picture
Pieces that invade the space its in
Not just hanging on the wall but part of a space

The thing is I think that I am speaking more clearly through my photography then painting. 

But I'm not a photo major.... even though in my school you don't actually declare a major, this gives you the opportunity to take any class in any major for any reason. So even though I am going to a painting and drawing degree I can still take photo classes as I did last year. I have another problem that is with photography its self.  Photography is based on visuals only, usually, not a hole experience or texture, just a flat image. It makes it feel distance and superficial. 

Its all about looks with photography and so much is read into it. When I was in photo classes one this I did is analyze how photo students read things as apposed to other majors. With photography everything has meaning, everything is metaphor, everything is assumed to be intentional, and real and important. And knowing students, photo students in general, they just take photos of pretty things without thinking about its meaning until someone in a crit puts one in it. 

Now not all photographers are like this I am in love with Pedro Barateiro 

They have texture, meaning that is part of the picture and the manipulation of the image all in one. I wish I would have thought of that DAMNIT!

But even still what am I supposed to do? I don't know yet.

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