Monday, July 12, 2010

Lets Just Kill Reality, YEAH!

Photoshop bothers me a great deal, as someone who has photoshop and knows how to use it, I can tell when it is used. Photography used to be considered depicting reality, documentation, now it is nothing but lies. 

Photoshop has enveloped everything, now one must understand that you can do MANY things with photoshop besides photo editing. For example I made this on photoshop for my business cards. 

So it is not all evil however the problem arises when an image or photo is proposed as real when it is not. This is deceptive and manipulating people perceptions of what is real and what is not, and what is possible in the real world. 

This is a problem, it makes people think (sometimes without realizing it) that they can and should look like what they see in the magazines and online. But they can, they never can its just an illusion. Perception vs. Reality has been in interest of mine. So what does this do to our minds and our perception of the world? It was said to me that before we experience something we have already experienced it hundreds of time before through TV, movies, and other media, and there after we are contently comparing reality to what we previously experienced. This is SO true, and unfortunate because its hard to compete with a perfect illusion of an experience. Take your first kiss, in the real world there is no background music or hot steamy boy (or girl) to take you in your arms and make butterflies fly up when both of your prefect lips touch. And if it dose not go as seen in the movies then you would probably be disappointed, and disappointed with life always. I have stopped watching TV, I don't pay attention to whats new and hot I do watch movies but not often do I see big blockbuster movies. I'm more interested in documentaries and indie films. But thats personal. 

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