Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuck the Gallery

James Castle a real outsider artist and illiterate one at that who just wanted to make things

John Isaacs 

John Isaacs


floating presences 


Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo

Shae Hembrey 

Olaf Breuning

Mark Coreth, 


I get lots of these images from Tublers which do not reference the artist if you know who they are let me know and I will be more than happy to reference them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Praise me

Don't leave your self out of the equation when it comes to art making. art should have the artist present in the piece. However this is not the same as making art about you or having you be the center on the piece. Some ask "Am I worthy enough to be put on the same level of art?" It is not that you are making your self superior by adding your hand, or personal voice to a piece, you are making it human. "If I am in my work (not being represented in the work but being present in it) than Am I elevating my statues and self. Am I saying 'Look at me, praise me, love me?'" No, unless you are the work, you are being depicted in the work the work is all about you in every way, you are not making the artwork about you by putting your voice or hand in it. When you make the work centered around you, besides the desire to be praised, there is the chance that if the work its self is not good then you will feel like you are being personally attacked. If they do not like the work then they must not like me. Another reason to keep your self a safe distance away from the intent of the work. If you leave your voice or personal ideas, of any kind, out of the work it has no soul, it will fall flat and you might as well being doing reproductions.

Self Portrait 
Christian Shad 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There is no really good way to describe all of my works, because I discuss different topics within different mediums, there is no underlining connection between them. The only thing you could say that connects my works is the desire to show people different perspectives.

We can start with my paintings I did last semester, these textural paintings were taken from photographs of urban environments and are technically representations, not abstractions, thou the point was to show accidental abstractions that are created around us that we are not aware of. 


This series led to my black series, which was based off the idea that the soul is the color black, not because it is evil but because it has experienced life, and every experience is a new color thusly turning the experienced soul black. In contrast to that, white is not so much as innocent as is the empty and unexperienced.

At the same time I was working on a series at home, called the mag series, because they are pages from magazines. I first started by looking through fashion magazines I own and  getting sick of seeing white people, I then wanted to objectify these people, in the way that they really are. Models are mannequins, "walking coat hangers." My painting out all of there flesh and leaving jus the cloths you see how ridiculous there pose is, there clothes are, and everything about the image. 

this is the strangest juxtaposition I have ever see, "look at me I'm a rich white lady with a poodle and my Mexicans?"

These along with my black series where in a solo show at the Center on Halstad.

For this texture and materials became extremely important. And even though I do not do this kind of work any more the work that came out of this time was the most satisfying work I have made because it was not drawn from something visual. 

Despite my involvement in painting and drawing I often feel it necessary to have something just be a photo. 

These first images were from my intro into photography, even thought I had done some in the past. I was interested in finding color of objects that were next to each other which has some soft of relationship, mainly with color. Again I am interested in "naturally" occurring strangeness. 

puddle is covered in resin so it is reflective

dirt and spray paint

scored, collaged, tap

folded, spray paint

scored, taped

My color photo class I continued to be interested in this theme however I started to introduce tactility into the photos, most of these are scored along lines, so that when you feel them you feel what the real object may have felt like. Taking the photograph out of a     
purely visual object that sits passively on the wall. Some photos are spray painted, some have dirt, tape, resin, or are cut out and put with the same photo but one that is not color correct as with the third one down.  

My work from this last semester has thrown everyone who knew my past work for a loop. It looks and acts and is based off nothing I had ever done before.

At the same time these were being made I had also made sex stickers, these were made in response to the overly sexual advertisements that are accepted, however when real body parts and real sexual organs are show, even though the advertisements imply them, they are regarded as vulgar. So I made these stickers and placed them on ad's all around the city. This is an ongoing series. 

At the same time these were being done I was also working at home on a project about sex offenders. I cam across the Chicago Sex Offender web site and was fascinated by the wide rang of people on it. It is also very important to know that the term sex offender covers a wide verity of offenses, and on these web sites they do not explain what the person did, the only indication is if it involved a child. I began to paint small business card size water color paintings of these people.

So as you can see I do a variety of work which cannot not be pinned down, nor do I want to or think it would be proper.