Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Might Be It.

So this afternoon I have a meeting with the owner of a tattoo shop called Royal Flesh. I had stopped by a couple of weeks ago to check out the place and saw that they sold local artist jewelry and art. So I stopped by the next day to see if they wanted some of my work. I ended up not checking the owner and showing it to some employes instead who loved them. So I came back today to show the owner some more stuff, he deiced to show my work and even give me a hole case to my self. I am not only responsible for displaying my work, but rearranging the other body jewelry they have on display. SOOOOOOO tomorrow I go back to set up my case. Right now I am looking up some displays to give me some ideas, something cheep coz I has no money.  These guys are super awesome and nice and are more then willing to show off local artist work and support the community. You can tell its not just about the money for these people. Next month they will be trowing a part and I might get some models together to show off some stuff. 



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