Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Personal Philosophy on Art

After a long day of viewing some of the crap and pours out of my school I often think about what makes it so, and what I believe to be art. I have compiled a list of things that I feel art of this era should have based on personal pet peeves. 

No more trying to be new or contemporary.

Not everything has been done, and by trying to be original, or thinking that everything has been done and there is nothing new you can do. Then you WILL not make anything new, by working on what you believe and perusing personal goals. Knowing the work o the past and the present, by taking new ideas and past histories, then you can make new art. But by trying to actually make "new" art you never will. By the time you make the piece what is "new" and contemporary has moved on already and you cannot ever catch up.

No more static figures, if you want to use a figure use it to all its expression and emotion of the figures potential. If you want a static thing don't use a organic, moving, live human! Use something static. 

Knowing what the old masters and past artist have done, had investigated and tried to accomplish. Not only seeing what they did but understanding why, and what for. Knowing historical context and what was going on social within that time. Its just about seeing a painting, you have to know why he or she painted it. Other whys you know nothing.

Knowing about what is going on in the world and what other artist are doing in every filed (not just the one you are interested in), then THINKING about what that means in a larger context. Taking ideas from the real works is part of making good art. One dose not have to do work based on something happening currently but about the idea of it. Not being literal is part of making work that is timeless. 

Art has to be of a higher order a higher power, risen up from normal activities, other whys it's not art its ordinary, and if the art has to be of a higher order, so too must the idea and concept behind it.  Ideas that are based upon "regular life", or human experiences are not art, they are at the same level as their concepts, regular. 

If God is 7 and the Devil is 6 and Man is 5 art must be 8.

Art is above us, we are not above it or it would not be great it would not have worth it would be nothing, meaningless. It would be just the same as everyday objects, back packs, our dishwasher, a table and I would like to think that art is more important then a table. 

Art that IS an investigation almost always falls short of being true art, because it is in essence not art, it is an investigation. And should be left at home with ones other queries of art that already knows its place and meaning. 

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