Friday, July 16, 2010

But What About the Rest of It?

How does the process of drawing become part of the piece as a hole? How does the environment in which the art was made become part of the drawing? Does the art stand alone? Or is it part of a bigger whole? Just a chunk of the world take out of context. What if you put it back? How would you put it back? What if it never left, is it still art? Or dose it have to be detached from the umbilical cord of its origin to live? 

Is the artist like a mother giving birth? And if so does it only become art after it has been separated from the mothers womb? Or is art something less precious? A tool, a way for humans to investigate the world, our fears,m our thoughts, a way to organized and rationalize this ill-rational world? Is it anything? Is art making and art simply ornamental, decoration, entertainment to keep us preoccupied until we die? 

Art isn't straight forward anymore, its into the theater of its self. With galleries, the wine and food, the publicity, the race for contemporary admiration. The lavish ways in which artist display their work, the way they "symbolically" add odds and ends that we are told add to the "experience" of the art. But what are they really? Junk, or do we just not get it? 

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