Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If This Shit Gets a Show I Think I Have a Pretty Good Chance

don't you think?

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

So I usually dis more then praise so here are some photos I have collected, unfortunately I don't always get the artist, that I think are beautiful and successful. 

the simplistic and calmness is offset by the stairs that disrupts the white, making a great composition. 

a play with real vs. not real images, aka the back ground vs. the tree. this has great color communication. something that I find to be very very important in photography.

breaking the idea of traditional square flat image, and using the image its self as a way to dictate the shape. 

great composition and color. 

the lines of the swing become lines of a drawing, and turn this image into a abstract drawing. 

playing on real life color and pattern that occurs in the world. there are many strange occurrences like this that happen in the world that we look over. 


playing with what our eyes tell us we are seeing and what we are really seeing. we trust the image and the photographer can use that to fool us. 


I saw this show and although the photos where much like this one, not disney, this one was the best. it plays off of our ideas of marriage, life, women's rolls, and how we think our fantasy characters are perfect and everything we are not. 

time laps of people walking. disturbing and stunning 


beautiful play of traditional portraits. 

notice the green chairs, they make this image work! that green offsets this red and turns this image from just a normal photo of a decapitated theater into a stunning and haunting photograph.

image inside an image which one is real and which one is placed? is it a time laps or two places that look alike? 

can't love this photo any more then I do! 
the feet are the best part!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Know You Want To Look

oh you naught girl! 

big oll dirty vagina 

what he really is

a pussy 

sword fight! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

So I Pretty Much Hate Contemporary Photography Right Now, And Here is Why

They are all, like many artist now, trying too hard to be clever and strange. And it all just comes out looks retarded. Much like the artist hipster clothes they wear and think make them look so avant-garde. What about any of these photos says anything about anything? Besides that it says that the artist is pretentious by making fun of the society they think they are so far above.

 Joe Zorrilla.

 Joe Zorrilla.

 Joe Zorrilla.

 Joe Zorrilla.

more digital BS.

A lot of photography now is done with digital elements, playing off of the use of the internet, and the images you can find off it. But it all comes out disorganized (usually the intention) , cliché, and stupid.

this says nothing. And if their work is about nothing, then why was it made? And better yet why I am looking at it? 

what a perfect title.

Aaron Graham