Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was always hesitated about making personal work because I was afraid that if it was criticized, even if formally, that I was being attached. or that people are attacked the thing that is personal to me. Judging it and comparing it to this life's. something I don't want to happen. Besides my beliefs that art should not be about a single person or making art that is personal relationship with the artist. having work about something personal, say family, my life, or persona views. It limits what the audience gets out of the work and they many have to have had similar experiences to even get the work. Keeping it more open-ended alloys more people to relate to it. it also keeps the work from preaching to the audience about the artist personal views, which can turn people away, even if they agree. Having a personal influence to another kind of artistic influences to another kind of artistic investigation if also ok because if keys the personal thing at a safe distance and only with the artist.

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