Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Comes Around Goes Around

I have just noticed a trend in artists. It is not always the case but most often then not, the students who like to party, go out and schmooze at galleries, make them selfs look important rather then work on their art, like to be current in the strangest of fashion, trends and pop culture, tend to make art that looks very "contemporary" which is always trying really hard to be "strange" and "ironic" underlining hipster themes. By "contemporary I mean this.

Robert Barry

Helen Marten

Which can be quite troublesome for many reasons, first you have to be an artist elitist to get it which not many people really are, second even then sometimes you might not get it and in that case you have to have faith that the artist is not full of shit, which I is something I always question. Third by going in this direction artistically others will follow and be influenced by it. Or we can only pray that they rebel against it.

And note that not all art coming out now falls into these tropes. 

Students who do not do these things, though are still involved in the art world, tend to make more honest and unique work. People who try to be different never are, people who are them selves and find something interesting, investigate it and conceder it, that comes from the real world and not the art world, make the work that passes the test of time. People who don't always stick around for all the critiques, try to go to every show ever even if they don't like it and they never really look at the work because they are too busy drinking free wine and socializing. People who have a life out side of the art world, bring into their work something from that world, tend to be in touch with the real world much better and this shows in their work. We can look at news as a great example, now it seems that news stations report what other news stations report, creating multiples of the same thing, in addition their opinions are limited and seem to be completely ignorant of the real world. As if they never even go out side. 

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