Saturday, May 21, 2011

You Are Such An Animal

trash bag bunnies. 

Linda Molenaar

ceramic dog
Ev Pariis

blow up wale 

bird skeletons 

Ai wei wei  Backpack Snake

flowers and stuffed animals dipped in wax to preserve then made into sculptures

Petah Coyne

John Isscas

Bilbao Head On 

header bambi

Zoe Williams Sheader

Kiki Smith

hand glass blown jelly fish

based off of Chines wood block prints, shooting tigers with arrows comes up often, though I am not sure what it symbolizes. 

Carsten H Lier

cyborg animals 

a polar bear sculpture made of ice with metal skeleton inside. as it melts  you see more of the skeleton as to comment of the polar ice capes melting and diminishing speeches. 

Rebecca Stevenson

Rashid Jonson 

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