Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who Are You Wearing?

What is more important the way you look or who you are wearing? I have noticed quite often in street fashion blogs that they tend to find people who just so happened to be wearing a high end brand name designer. And even though I can see for my self when I walk out on the streets there are many trendy people not wearing high end clothes, but you never see these people in fashion blogs, or rarely, unless its vintage! But I thought that it was the fact that they looked nice not that they can some how afford these clothes, or how ever they come to obtain them. We all know there is a lard economic gap but it is also being perpetuated and pushed by high end fashion designers and their high end buyers. 

Take a look at these two fashion magazines, one is aimed to the middle class, one is aimed at the upper class, can you guess which one it is? These two fashion magazines do something completely different, one tells you where to get high end clothes and look like a runway model, the other tells you where to get cheeper versions of those clothes and still look good without having to be rich. 

                                                             DIESEL BLACK GOLD //                                                  target menS                                             

So which is it? Who you wear or what you wear? At least that is the question concerning this, the bigger question you should be asking is who gives a shit? Why should any of this matter? Fashion and clothes became about expressing your self, but that is bullshit, not it is about making your self look better then you really are. Who needs personality or brains when you look hot? I know I don't! 

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