Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If This Shit Gets a Show I Think I Have a Pretty Good Chance

don't you think?


  1. I dont understand this pictures. Again, what is happening in the second to last picture? Are they ruining the camera? I can see a tree and a legs on a box, water on a crumb and the light hitting it from behind the door. If you hold your camera open for too long you get a beautiful abstract designs. But these look ugly and lazy and not ready for a show. The artist must go back to learn how to make good art as they are clearly forgeting. Maybe hipsters try to make bad art to get away with not doing skills to be lazy?

  2. they are paintings, dripping paint and such. They are abstract images not supposed to be a painting of anything in particular. the point of these to say something about art and the world of painting. You kind of have to know about the history of art and painting to know what they are talking about. Basically making fun of it.