Saturday, May 14, 2011

On A Lighter Note

Last night was a show my class had at our teachers studio vestibule on the 5th floor of the Fine Arts Building. But on the 10th floor the grad students had a show as well which I did not know until I got there. 
Love, Sex and Violence was the theme, the artist statement goes as follows:
sexuality has become a spectacle in which men and women are performers. In this context, a human relationship itself is a perforative act. Power is at the center of this dilemma. Issues of identity and sexuality come into play when it comes to Love. The desire to control ourselves and those we love gives rise to aggression, which can lead to Violence. 

among paintings and video there were two performances later that night, I have never really been into performances too much, with some exceptions. But this was one I was really draw to. A man standing naked in the middle of the room was spit on by a woman in heals and formal business attire. She drank from win glasses filled with paint and walked around the man spitting it on him, sexually, degradingly and painterly.

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