Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Want You to Want My Art

What makes people care about art? Is it visual pleasure? Is that what draws them in? Like a fish to a flashy lure. It is the desire to see what artist have created? Do people even care at all? Do artist care anymore? Are they just making work for them selfs now? Whats the point in it all? People come up with many answers and I guess that would mean I have to find out for my self why I want to make art. Because it is individual to me and only I know why I want to. but what if even after i make my work and perhaps find a show to put it in my work still does not satisfy me or worse yet, does not do what I want it to? Should I carry on and work to reach that goal no mater how impossible and finically draining it can be? Am I fucking stupid for doing all this? Am I learning anything scenes I have ben here? Have I ever tried?

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