Monday, April 18, 2011

Go With the Feeling

This Friday and Saturday was my schools art sales, besides no one showing up, my table partners work look like a angsty teenager made it. But people seemed to really be drawn to it, it was the things they said that was interesting. They would say things like, "it has to FEEL right with me." "I really get a spiritual feeling from this." "I get a strong feeling from this." And it made me realize how separate peoples interpretations and attachments to art is from the people in the art world. We are so concerned with aesthetics, being artistically correct, considerate of art history and so on that we forget that the everyday people don't know let alone care about that stuff. They only care about how it makes them feel, and now the question can be raised about who the artist is making the work for and if any of that maters at all. But I think that art need to take a trip back to this, making work that FEELS right rather then is right is some art historical or institutional way. I don't know how this will change my work because I do tend to lean more towards a side of feeling rather then trying to please the art gods. I never make work about art and I never make work about nothing. I think my work always has had a strong emotional overtone, as I am very emotional invested in my subject matter.

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