Tuesday, February 22, 2011

women ARE sex objects

Throughout history and art woman have been displayed in the sake of art and under the guys of mythology, the only way one could paint a naked woman was if it was for an allegory or Greek mythology. Thus you see many depictions of Greek mythology not because they like it but because they just wanted an excuse to paint naked woman. And ever sense men have been putting woman on display nude, for no reason, other than their own pleasure. These are images I have collected from ONE blog alone! This is not even some of the images I have in my collection that I will be using to make paintings showing the objectification of woman. None of these woman have to be naked but they are.

this is actually funny

the point of this painting, is to say that they are objects like the thing they are buying

face is not important 

facing away submissively 

tits hanging out for no reason, this person chopped off someones head and was supposed to have authority but not she does not.

random titty 

more random titties 

same story 

face not important 

the only thing that maters 

that looks cold 

face again not important 


turned away so we can gaze at her

important that it is a woman on woman 

the face was apparently not important

when has a woman ever come on to a man like this? it is part of the male fantasy that makes other woman think it happens and they should do it.


face again not important because if she were looking at us she would have authority 

the rest of the body is not important 

I hate when that happens 

they are making a dress but they are topless? 

I stand around naked waiting for men to photograph me too 

why is she naked?

male fantasy 

not male lips 

nice angle 

oh so in order to show off her leg tattoo she toke off her top?


  1. I really like this entry.
    You´re absolutely right.
    Thanks a lot for sharing
    Hugs from Spain!