Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Not To Do In a Gallery or Museum

Don't bring small children.
Don't talk loud/laugh.
Don't whistle.
Don't criticizes.
Don't complain they don't have what you want.
Don't hate, appreciate.
If there is work that you can take, take only one.
No one is forcing you to be there, if you don't like it you can leave.
You, and other people, are here to look at and appreciate art don't do other things.
Don't chew gum.
Don't blow your nose or cough loudly, if you must cover your mouth.
Don't fart.
Don't burp.
Don't take care of personal hygiene.
Don't scratch your ass.
Don't wear something that jingles when you walk.
Don't bother other people looking at art.
Keep your opinions to your self because they are most likely ill informed and ignorant and you are probably telling them to someone who knows more than you.
Don't ask the security guards about the art, they rarely know.
If you don't know or understand read the plaque first.
Don't bring huge strollers with five children in them.
Keep an eye on your children, if you must bring them, don't let them wonder off on their own.
If your child is screaming attend to them, don't let them keep screaming.
Don't scuff or drag your feet when you walk and make squeaky noises.
Don't touch anything ever.
Don't go over the wire.
Don't answer a phone call.
Don't yell at someone far down the hall.
Don't lay down on the benches.
Don't sit on the floor.
Now is not the time for girl chat.
Now is not the time to tell your friends stories.
If you see someone drawing or writing, leave them alone and don't look over their shoulder.
Don't use flash when taking photos.
Don't listen to music so loud that we can all hear every single word.
Turn your cell phone off or at least on silent.
Don't stare at people who are staring at art.
No one can account for taste but don't assume yours is absolute.

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