Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Bullshit art

This kind of work makes me think, what the fuck? Really? Is THIS what we are calling art now a days? There is a big problem in the art world for me at this time and it looks like this. Artist who are over conceptual about their ideas so much so that the work they produce is not art. The meaning of art has changed over the years as with everything, art should say something, be engaging, be stimulating in some fashion. Although there are many who question what art can be, I say those people are just trying too hard to look cool and just want to make shit and label it as art. 

a installation that looks like crap, is crap and for me it says " I am so conceptual you don't even know, look how conceptual I can be, I think art can be anything, even crap, even thought that diminishes the value of art." 

Morag Keil

A poll on the ground? Really? Really? When artist take everyday objects and incorporate them into work, it is find, as long as you are saying something in that act, and you are transforming the object into art and not just leaving it as is. Because by leaving it as is it says that this object, inside a gallery is art, out side it is not. Placing importance on the artist as some magical being, and the gallery as a magical force that transforms things just because you put it in the white cube.

More art that looks like all the other artist out their, many painters now are basing their work off of other work, a comment about art as it were. But by doing this you create a cycle of work that looks all the same, says the same thing and has no originality. 

says nothing

Sloppy art like this is ridiculous and insults the years I have spend fine tuning my craft. There is a big difference between work that is less technical and more emotive, and someone acting like a child with a paint brush. In context work that began to move away from realism was making a statement out something else and by doing so needed to be less formal. Now it does not have the same influence or reason. Colors straight from the tube and messy brush strokes tell me this person is too lazy to create work that says what they want in a more sophisticated way so they just scribble on a canvas.

again, bad painting, not "bad painting" which is on purpose, but just bad.

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  1. Good point, blogger.

    When or if I see art like this on contemporary art daily, I feel the boiling blood rising to my vein's temples to speak in figuration. I've also spent several thousand lifetimes of my final hours honing my craft and this lack of originality in so-called art out-rages me.

    But never forget, open your eyes and look in your vincinity, you are not lonely but in company of other fellows like you and I. Not us, THEY are the abnormal minority deserving shame.