Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad Bad painting

Today we are going to talk about bad abstract art and why it is. Like I said in my last post painting is made up of elements, that work together to make a good piece, another thing that makes a piece different from another one that may look similar to it is intention and how it is made. If you paint with your foot rather then your hand it has a different meaning then if you were to paint with your penis or boob. Also if you are painting with red because it represents something rather then just because it also will have a different read. 

Varda Caivano

I think these are bad abstract paintings because they reley too much on what others claim abstract art to be, random shapes and colors. It feel meaningless it feel arbitrary.
Max Coyer
This is just plain bullshit 

Michael Riedel

this has intention but it is boring, and gives nothing to the viewer, even if you do not know the intention the artist has a reason to make rather then just to make a pretty picture or for money. This piece is too simple does not hold attention and is not visually stimulating .

Heimo Zobernig 

wow clever a painting about painting with the word painting in it how long did it take you to make this one?

Merlin Carpenter

what you find when you google abstract art 
you can see the difference just in colors alone, someone who does not have formal training in art usually does not mix paint and uses it straight from the tube. 
they also think that making shapes for no reason or for very juvenile reasons, like "cause i like it" creates compositions that are not interesting and confusing. 

scribbles is not art, you might say, but it looks like Cy Towbly, no it does not because his work has intention. even the reason you make art can change how it turns out, because when you paint or draw you are projecting your feelings and if you have no feelings it will have no feelings. 

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