Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad Bad Art

shitty ideas make shitty art: such as

domestic spaces
woman doing domestic spaces
woman doing work about the home
making personal symbols that only the artist can understand
painting bored looking people, non expressive
landscapes of buildings
work about how much images and information we see
art about art
media (not what is being depicted but just media)
mark making
the act of painting
trying to be clever
portraits of people you know just because you know them
work about the self
what other people tell you to paint

these all lead to unoriginal, uninteresting unengaging work, so don't fucking do it! You can get close to some of these ideas and still have good work or have some of these ideas in your work but to base all of your work off of these ideas never produced good work. Not only that but to have your work talk about only one thing never leads anywhere.

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