Thursday, September 2, 2010

When the world ends

It occurred to me on the train this morning that our society has become so obsessed with the appearance of things, or people, that it no longer maters what it is, or if it works. Or if we are healthy, as long as we look fashionable and buy all the latest trends then we are good. Life is more then this it used to be more then this, it is no longer about being educated about the world, seeing all there is to be seen, living life the fullest. School is no longer a privilege but a chore, children to not learn in school they wait for all the moments in between the teachers words where they can get a break from reality. What will this make our future rulers of the world? How will they dictate this world. I think that it will be a very shity place in the future and I hope I am not around to see it all crumble.

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