Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Expo Chicago 2014

Anual review of Expo Chicago, I don't usually give an opinion on the art I post or the art I take photos of in the Expo but just know that these are the good ones and everything else is white noise. Also note that I cannot put all the artists names as labels because there is not enough room, if there is no information by the photo then its because some galleries did not provide that information. 

"Peter, how did it go?" Erro, acrylic on canvas


Michelle Grabner, Untitled , silverpoint and black gesso on panel

" A bunch of niggas in space" Devin Troy Srother, acrylic and auto-body paint on panel

" Rice Terrsces" Edward Burtynsky, digital chromogenic print

"Pantyhose Lunaire" Stephen Appleby-Barr, drypoint, aquatint and spitbite etching

Robert Gould

Elaine Parks

Nathan Danilowicz

Karen Lofgren

Sherre Hovsepain

"Krewd S" Nicholas Byrne, oil on copper

"Lord of Hot Butter" Tam Van Tran, cholorphyll, spirulina, pigment, binder and staples on paper

"Stanzas" Ai Weiwei, acrylic and pencil on sandpaper 

"Untitled" Ai Weiwei, acrylic and pencil on sandpaper 

"Lantern" Ai Weiwei, marble 

"Cosmetics" Ai Weiwei, jade 

"Tell my mother not to worry" Ryan Gander, marble 

"Tell is to the birds" Jenny Kendler 

"Eternum" BRAVO Claudio, oil on canvas 

"Kissing Spheres" Tom OTTERNESS, bronze 

"Untitled" Santiago CALATRAVA, white statuario marble and wood

"Ivy" Manoio VALDES, bronze and iron  

"Mozart in Hoboken" Alfred Leslis, collage

"Untitled Open" Robert Motherwell, Acrylic and charcoal on board

"Standing Figure" Conrad Marca-Relli, collage and gouache on cardboard

"Untitled (C82 188)" Hannelore Baron, mixed media collage

"Untitled (C82 189)" Hannerlore Baron, mixed media collage

"Place, Revisited I" Anne Sauzey, collage

"Horizons Traveled" Anne Sauzey, collage

"Goat, Bull, Rooster, Horse" Charles McGill, reconfigured gold bag parts

Marcos Bontempo

"Palm Ridge" Wayne Thiebaud, soft ground etching

"Club Sandwich, from the series, Delights" Wayne Thiebaud, etching

"Apartment Hill" Wayne Thiebaud, drypoint on gampi chine colle

"Neapolitan Pie" Wayne Theibaud, Lithograph

Battle of the nile" David Fertig, oil on wood

"Le Desire" David Fertig, oil on Masonite

"Skau" Daivd Fertig, oil on Masonite

"Blackwood's Frigate" David Fertig, oil on Masonite

"Suyu, the Viscarias and the Rhinoceros" Roberto Fabelo, acrylic on linen

Jorge Meddez Blake

"Burst" Tony Oursler, fiberglass form, HD Media player and projector

"Untitled" Huma Bhabha, ink, crayon and collage on c-print

"Untitled" Huma Bhabha, ink, crayon and collage on c-print

"Untitled" Huma Bhabha, ink, crayon and collage on color photo

"Untitled" Huma Bhabha, ink on c-print

"Untitled" Huma Bhabha, ink, crayon and collage on color photograph 

"Study for myth of depth II" Mark Tansey, oil on canvas

"Untitled" Pier Paolo Calzolari, salt, lead, burt wood

"Giza Gate IV" Al Held, acrylic on canvas

Bling Bling

Monika Wolfer 

"Pregnant Woman I" Louise Bourgeois, bronze

"Untitled" Fausto Melotti, plaster, mixed media

"Collages for The Three Swiss Cheese Doors" Roy Lechtenstein, collage, tape, paint and printed paper on board 

"Seedy" Claire Morgan, dandelion seeds, nylon, glass cabinet 

"We All Fall Down" Claire Morgan, bluebottles, dandelion seeds, nylon, glass cabinet 

"Double Water Drawing" Mel Kendrick, cast paper with carbon black pigment

David Reed 

Judy Pfaff

"P.h.R" Nancy Grossman, leather, wood, paint, epoxy and hardware

"Veil From Astraeus" Sam Messenger, ink, pigment and saltwater on paper

Whitfield Lovell, conte on paper 

"biCyCleClenCH" Jan Albers, spray paint on polystyrene and steel

"The Story Singer" Odd Nerdrum, charcoal on paper

"ET2" Craig McPherson, mezzotint

"Arc de Triomphe/viaduct" Susan Giles, cast concrete, paper

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