Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fashion or Fetish?

I always find it interesting when the fashion world takes from the fetish world. I wonder if they know the ramifications of their actions, or its all just for fun. One day we are all going to die and it wont mater if we wore it for fashion or for fetish so just have fun with it. I am personally on the fence about it, I can see both arguments, and by arguments I mean, within the fetish world the members can get a little annoyed with people who just wear the clothes for fun, its posing and it takes away from the true believers. However, the flip side to that is, everything can be a fetish and its its sexy then why not just go with it who cares!
So here are some fashions intentionally or unintentionally tapping into the kink world.

As a reminder these are from my personal collection of images, they do not reflect all of the fashion world simply my personal tastes.








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