Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Artist and Craftsman the best art supply store in Chicago!

Located on 828 s wabash jus past Columbia

this place is huge!

look at how big this store is!

this place is two stories of awesome! And I am not even getting paid to promote this place I just like it that much and feel like everyone needs to know about it. 

markers and pens

cool toys

who doesn't need one of these!


for the ladies! ohhh riiiight

brushes, mind you this is not even 1/4 of all the brushes they have.

tons of paints

more paints

some I have never herd of

tons of pastels 

and more

origami paper

stuff to make jewelry, and even though other art supply stores have this stuff Artist and Craftsman has SO much more of it for cheeper! 


more paper


I really think they need more paper

cheep canvas !

really large stones for carving

look at how much they have and that is not even half of it

look their is MORE!

and MORE!

piles of panels 

literally piles

cheep as raw canvas

seriously people why have you not come here?

they have more options better prices, friendlier environment, cooler staff, but can't advertise in the school because Utrcht and Dick Blick have us locked down. Ya they are closer and are great for emergencies but you get fucked over in the long run. So every so often take a trek down to south Wabash and pick up the best shit. 

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