Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Praise me

Don't leave your self out of the equation when it comes to art making. art should have the artist present in the piece. However this is not the same as making art about you or having you be the center on the piece. Some ask "Am I worthy enough to be put on the same level of art?" It is not that you are making your self superior by adding your hand, or personal voice to a piece, you are making it human. "If I am in my work (not being represented in the work but being present in it) than Am I elevating my statues and self. Am I saying 'Look at me, praise me, love me?'" No, unless you are the work, you are being depicted in the work the work is all about you in every way, you are not making the artwork about you by putting your voice or hand in it. When you make the work centered around you, besides the desire to be praised, there is the chance that if the work its self is not good then you will feel like you are being personally attacked. If they do not like the work then they must not like me. Another reason to keep your self a safe distance away from the intent of the work. If you leave your voice or personal ideas, of any kind, out of the work it has no soul, it will fall flat and you might as well being doing reproductions.

Self Portrait 
Christian Shad 

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