Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is This Art?

Is this art? I ask my self this question all the time. Most people would say it looks like trash, and I would agree. But people in the academia would say other whys, it is in a gallery so that says something right? I can hear them saying something like "well the artist thought about this, took time to construct this set and instal it so they have a idea behind it and are not just talking shit" I beg to differ, I think because it is in a gallery it is thusly shit. What I mean by that is, people often call something great and art when it is in a gallery. But this does not really mean it is true, so you could bull shit your way to a gallery and then just make this shit and call it art. It will pass as art and not many will question you because you are an "artist" and are finding new ways to "express your self." When I think a lot of artist take advantage of that and make shit art on purpose to make fun of the art world, and the sad thing is people don't see it as a joke they or they like that it is making fun of the art world and then praise it. Ruining the whole point. I am not a scholar or a teacher and I am not an expert in the field of art, but I have a honest and clear perspective of what is really going on here. I am even an artist and so I rely on this fucked up system. That is the worst part.

Thomas Hirschhorn

Bela Kolarova

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