Sunday, December 5, 2010

I have been busy

I have been buys with all sorts of shit, school, finals, art sale, money bull shit, life, broken computers and so on!

So I need to make up for lost time. So I guess ill show my stuff from the SAIC holiday art sale in which I did very well! And will do again! Because a lot of rich people and random people who dont know much about art come in to just buy random junk like in any other store. I decided it would be best if I sold cheep stuff that people would like and can take home right away. So I sold my hand made jewelry for no more then 50$ and my small old wood burnings and wood collages for 20$ each, I also had two larger wood burnings just incase someone wanted to blow some cash. And they did! People said they liked my display I was ok with it, it could have been better but what ever.

right before that crazy thing which lasted three days, I had midterm critics of my paintings. I don't have that many pictures of them and I always find my self using my phone so the quality is poo poo, but you get the idea. And yes I only work in black, white and grey. This photos do not do justice when I look at them like this I feel nothing but to see them on the wall in better light they have much more of a presence. I really need to document them better, maybe when they are up for my next crit I will remember to bring my camera.

they are getting better and more interesting, more texture.

mid term crit

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